Minimally Invasive Periodontal Treatment – Dallas, TX

A Conservative Approach to Treating Gum Disease

As part of his philosophy of providing personalized care for every patient, Dr. Tunnell offers minimally invasive periodontal surgery in addition to a traditional approach. Every patient has their own needs when it comes to their overall health, and in many cases, a conservative treatment is preferred. If you’re interested in visiting a periodontist who takes a minimally invasive approach to restoring the health of your gums, call Central Perio today to schedule an appointment for minimally invasive periodontal treatment in Dallas, TX.

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Why Choose Central Perio for Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy?

  • Board-Certified Periodontal Specialist
  • Fully Personalized Periodontal Care
  • State of the Art Periodontal Technology

What is Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy?

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We offer minimally invasive periodontal regeneration, a treatment that involves reversing some of the damage done by gum disease. It involves promoting the regeneration of lost bone, periodontal ligament, and connective tissues. The procedure typically involves very small incisions, with the area of the surgery only focusing on localized, deeper periodontal pockets. We avoid making any unnecessary changes to unhealthy tissue, which can significantly shorten recovery time afterward. This approach is so conservative that some people come out of it feeling like nothing was done at all. Other minimally invasive procedures may be offered based on your needs.

What Can We Treat with Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy?

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Minimally invasive periodontal therapy is used in cases of gum disease where damage has already been done to the gums as well as the underlying bone. Some cases are more severe than others, so we’ll have to consider how advanced your condition is along with the damage that needs to be repaired. We’ll recommend a minimally invasive approach whenever it’s viable, but there will be cases where more traditional treatments are better suited for your needs.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy

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While traditional periodontal surgery is faster, minimally invasive periodontal therapy is more comfortable. You’ll experience less discomfort during the procedure, and your mouth won’t need as much time to heal afterward. There’s also the aesthetic angle to consider, as the results of a minimally invasive treatment generally make it less obvious that you’ve had any treatment performed at all. Furthermore, as a periodontal office that focuses on a whole-body approach, we generally prefer conservative treatments in terms of protecting your overall health.

Dr. Tunnell’s Extensive Research & Experience

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When you visit Dr. Tunnell for gum disease therapy, you are visiting a specialist who has completed extensive research regarding periodontics and has years of experience when it comes to treating gum disease. He always takes the time to make sure that he truly understands each patient’s situation before making any sort of recommendation or performing the actual treatment. You can trust him to help you make good decisions regarding your gum health while providing quality care and service.

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