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Top Dallas dentists and doctors choose Central Perio. With Dr. Tunnell, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your care is being provided by a highly trained and dedicated specialist near Old East Dallas. He will take the time to understand your situation, so he can give you the best result possible while striving to provide a comfortable experience every step of the way.

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Dr. Tunnell is truly an amazing periodontist! I took my father there to get his tooth extracted in preparation for an implant. He is very thorough and detailed with his dental exams and answers all your questions and concerns. My father did not experience any pain during the anesthesia and procedure. Dr. Tunnell personally called me the next day to make sure my father is doing well post-operative. He truly cares about his patients and makes sure your dental needs are met!

Annie H., Dallas, TX

Dr. Tunnell is very nice and has done nothing short of a wonderful job with my mouth. He is very gentle, has always made me feel very comfortable, and has always run on time for all of my appointments. I recommend him and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing a periodontist. I am happy to have found him!

Amber D., Dallas, TX

I visited this office for a consultation, and I was surprised at how knowledgeable Dr. Tunnell and the staff were. He helped me move forward with the procedure I needed and kept me informed on how to plan out my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Tunnell in the future to my others.

Kev H., Dallas, TX

Dr. Tunnell is an outstanding Periodontist. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and conscientious he is. He spent a lot of time explaining what would happen during and after my procedure and answered all my questions. My procedure went very well and is healing very well. I have had no problems at all. I had my follow up appointment recently and Dr. Tunnell was happy to answer my additional questions. Dr. Tunnell is extremely good at what he does and I highly recommend him!

M. Homer, Dallas, TX

I have been a general dentist for 16 years. A colleague of mine referred me to Dr. Tunnell for a cosmetic procedure. He is thorough, knowledgeable, honest, and a highly skilled clinician. The office is beautiful and his staff is amazing! As a dentist myself, and a patient today, I highly recommend Dr. Tunnell and his team!

Nicole M., Dallas, TX

Dr. Tunnell is absolutely excellent and I highly recommend him. Dr. Tunnell performed an extraction on one of my chompers and it went great. He answered all of my questions and concerns before the procedure and was very kind throughout. Most importantly, Dr. Tunnell made me feel comfortable. His staff was top notch as well--they checked in with me the after the surgery to make sure everything was OK. Happy to return to Dr. Tunnell for all future treatment. Thanks doc

Aaron G., Dallas, TX

Dr. Tunnel did a great job, was very professional, and was very responsive throughout my whole treatment process. I will certainly come here again and refer my friends here.

Twent V., Dallas, TX

Very pleased with the entire team at Central Perio. Dr Tunnell is very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. Highly recommend.

Ramin B., Dallas, TX

I received excellent care at Central Perio. Dr Tunnell explained everything so thoroughly and patiently answered all my questions. He goes above and beyond to care for his patients. I highly recommend him and his staff.

David H., Dallas, TX

Dr Tunnell is an extremely conscientious and skilled periodontist. My experience at Central Perio far exceeded my expectations. Dr Tunnell took the time to answer all my questions prior to my procedure. I felt very comfortable despite my anxiety throughout my entire procedure. I would give Dr Tunnell more than 5 stars if I could. I highly recommend this periodontist.

Bill M., Dallas, TX

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to visit a periodontist, from advanced gum disease to multiple missing teeth. No matter what sort of situation you’re in, though, you’re sure to have a few questions, and the team at Central Perio is here to answer them. Below are a few things that many people ask about periodontics. If you would like more information or have additional inquiries, feel free to get in touch with our team.

What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Periodontist?

The main distinction between the two is that while a dentist focuses on different parts of the mouth, a periodontist specifically works with the gum tissue as well as the underlying bone that your teeth rely on for support. Your general dentist will likely refer you to a periodontist for particularly complex issues.

Like dentists, periodontists must earn a bachelor’s degree before attending dental school for four years. However, their education does not stop there; anyone wishing to become a periodontist must also complete three additional years of training.

Does a Periodontist Do Deep Cleaning?

Yes, periodontists do perform deep cleanings in order to treat advanced cases of gum disease. The first step of a deep cleaning is scaling, which is when the substances contributing to gum disease are carefully removed from the teeth and gums. Then during the second step, root planing, the roots of the teeth are smoothed out so that bacteria can’t accumulate in that area as easily in the future.

Of course, deep cleaning is not the only possible way to treat gum disease. Some patients may require a surgical approach. Our team will discuss your treatment options in more detail after an examination of your smile.

How Many Teeth Can You Replace with Dental Implants?

It’s possible to replace any number of missing teeth with dental implants. An implant post can be combined with a crown to fill in the gap left by a single tooth. Meanwhile, a bridge and a pair of dental implants can replace multiple teeth in a row. It’s even possible to replace an entire row of teeth with a denture and 4 to 6 carefully placed implant posts.

Regardless of how many teeth are missing, though, our team will first need to confirm that you are a good candidate for dental implants. This means making sure that there’s enough bone density in your jaw and that your mouth is in good health.

How Can You Make Periodontal Treatment More Affordable?

Our practice is not in-network with any plans, but we will still accept your insurance so that you can save money on your care, even electronically filing your claims for you. We can also help you apply for CareCredit, a third-party financing company that lets you stretch out the cost of your care into a number of monthly payments.