About Our Periodontal Office – Dallas, TX

The Expertise & Service You Deserve

Man and woman with healthy smiles after periodontal therapy

For patients in the east Dallas area who are dealing with stubborn gum disease or are thinking about replacing their missing teeth with dental implants, they don’t have to travel far to find a true expert in both disciplines. Dr. John C. Tunnell is a board-certified periodontist, meaning he has completed years of advanced training and only performs procedures that treat the gums and underlying bone. Because of this focus, he’s able to offer a level of care, comfort, and quality that you just won’t find anywhere else.

We Build Relationships

Man shaking hands with his periodontist

Before recommending any treatment, Dr. Tunnell will take the time and make the effort to get to know you so he truly understands you beyond your dental needs. His goal is to partner with you and come up with the right care plan together rather than simply tell you what you need. This will not only make you more involved in the process, but it will also help Dr. Tunnell tailor his approach in countless ways so he can improve your oral and overall health at the same time.

We Respect You

Woman smiling during periodontal exam

You deserve to have as much information as possible if you need periodontal treatment, so Dr. Tunnell and our team will go over every detail of a procedure before performing it. This will cover how the treatment itself works, the cost, and what you can expect while recovering. This is because we respect your time and intelligence and know that by sharing all pertinent information, you can make a confident decision about what is best for you.

Boutique Specialty Care

At Central Perio, our patients enjoy the best-of-the-best when it comes to expertise and service. Our team makes sure to spend ample time with each of our patients, helping you better understand any diagnoses you may have and our treatment recommendations to help get your smile’s health on the right track. Additionally, the specialized expertise that Dr. John Tunnell brings to each of your visits will reaffirm that you’re in safe and highly capable hands.

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