Advanced Periodontal Services & Technology – Dallas, TX

Where Skill Meets Technology

Woman sharing healthy smile after periodontal treatment

Dr. Tunnell understands that in order to provide the highest quality care possible, he not only needs to use the best techniques, but the best technology as well. That’s why he has implemented the latest, proven instruments into our periodontal office. They not only help him gather more data when performing exams so he can be extra precise, but some of the devices below will also allow him to show you exactly what he is seeing. That way, you and he can be on the same page concerning your oral health and needs.

Digital X-Rays

Advanced digital x-rays of jaw and smile

X-rays are essential in our periodontal office, as they allow our team to look below the gum line and see the roots of the teeth as well as the supporting bone. Rather than relying on slow film X-rays, we only use digital radiography. It’s faster, gives us better images, plus we can show you your own X-rays just seconds after taking them. Even better, the process emits 80-90% less radiation, which is always good news!

Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging

Woman receiving 3 D C T cone beam imaging

While a regular X-ray helps us get a closer look at a small number of teeth, our cone beam scanner allows us to look at all of a patient’s dental anatomy at once. This device captures several images from different angles, and then they are pieced together to create a 3D model of a patient’s teeth and jaws. Dr. Tunnell uses this kind of image when planning more advanced procedures, like dental implant placement, to guarantee a successful procedure and stellar result.

Microsite Endoscope

Microsite endoscope hand tool

One of the biggest challenges in all of dentistry, not just periodontics, is simply being able to see clearly in a patient’s mouth. In the past, the only approach was to literally shine a bright light into it, almost blinding the patient in the process. But, with a microsite endoscope, Dr. Tunnell can get an up-close and personal look at your gums and teeth using a small camera that fits comfortably in your mouth. This enables him to examine every part of your dentition and makes it much easier for him to see what he is doing during treatment.